We Love Old Buildings

Boston is filled with interesting old buildings. The existing building stock (much of which has withstood decades of New England weather) will play an increasingly important role in the future of the Boston housing market. While new construction does add to the housing pool each year, most Boston residents still live in old homesWith construction costs increasing and empty lots in short supply, retrofitting and renovating existing properties will remain an accessible option for a majority of the population.
Many of the unique details that exist in old buildings are difficult to find in new construction. From exposed brick walls to vintage millwork to stone foundations; a balance can be struck by keeping the historic features that make a property authentic while adding modern elements that make the space function more efficiently. The goal is to create spaces that are a perfect fit for their inhabitants; while keeping cost, context and efficiency in mind.
Bird Works has collaborated with real estate agents, developers and homeowners to assess properties and propose options for renovating and retrofitting existing spaces. We can’t wait for more opportunities to work with old buildings in the future!