“An Engineer Imagines”

I first heard about this book while watching a lecture by Michael Speaks. The topic was “The Future of Design”. Towards the end of the lecture, he introduced and idea that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about since. He explained that true innovation comes from understanding how things have always been, and finding small modifications to the overall process that result in meaningful systemic change.

This idea came from the book “An Engineer Imagines” by Peter Rice, and since hearing this lecture I’ve been on a mission to track it down.

Turns out, that’s pretty tough. It’s a very rare book, and can only be found online if you’re willing to pay hundreds. The Boston Public Library doesn’t have a copy and neither do most universities. This week, I thought I had tracked down a copy through an interlibrary loan between BU and MIT, but that fell through. So sadly, still no book. I can only hope to see it in one of those pop-up used book shops in NYC one day for $.99. Until then, I’ll keep searching. I Hope it’s as good as everyone says.